Invitation to Grand opening | Around – A solo exhibition by Margareta Sieradzki

Grand Opening, Saturday 30th October 12pm – 6pm
Rörstrandsgatan 28

Welcome to take part of the exhibition in the company of the artist with bubbles in your glass

In the exhibition ’Around’ Margareta Sieradzki has, with her clean and pure brushstrokes, placed the climate change issue in focus with the water’s cycle as epicenter;
The water which evaporates from the oceans to fall as rain over the mountains and then flow back again out into the oceans, on its way passing man’s creations of fishermen’s cottages, sea marks and ships.
Margareta wishes through her exhibition to remind us of the water’s eternal cycle at the same time as she emphasizes our continual presence in nature, on land as well as in the world oceans. 
A presence that does not in all respects need to be destructive, but in many cases is an attempt of man to partake in her surroundings, a will to become a part of the world oceans’ vast greatness. 
A reminder in vivid colours that we all can make changes for a healthier world at the same time as we live more in symbiosis with our planet. 

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